JU Schoolboy Roundup w/ Drew and Andy

Episode 1

We’ll keep this short. 30 minutes short. This is the first of a weekly update on everything professional wrestling. From WWE to AEW and everything in between! These guys know their stuff when it comes to the tights and ropes, so don’t you Jabronies miss it!!

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Applied Theories in Pro-Wrestling – 2018 Mid-Year Review

The SMARKS are back! The Applied Theories Guys (say that 5 times fast) got back together after a brief hiatus while Jimmy J. was getting over his “exhaustion”. Drew, Wes and WWE Legend Jimmy J. Knox breakdown the half-year in wrestling for a ‘2018 Mid-Year Review’. The guys break down the best matchups of the year, so far, and talk about what they think the next half will bring us.

Who is the next big thing? What can we expect from the UK? Can Mr. Knox stay on the wagon? Find out all those answers and more on this exciting episode of Applied Theories in Professional Wrestling!

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Jabroni U – Extreme Rules 2018 Preview

Daniel and Drew, with a guest appearance of Andy Liner from The Draft Podcast! This is an Extreme Rules Preview, where the boys pound Mt. Dew and go over some WWE Extreme Rules! The guys go over the entire card, make predictions and share hot takes about the newest incoming WWE Pay-Per View!

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As always, thanks for listening!


JU Remixed – Episode 10 – NXT, MLW and WWE CLASH of CHAMPIONS

Jabroni James is in house talking about the NXT and MLW (Live!) experiences he had with, you’re JU Remixed Hosts, Drew Kistler and Andy Liner. Together they talk the NXT taping after WAR GAMES (SOME SPOILERS) and MLW Never Say Never (WATCH FREE ON YOUTUBE)! This is some of the best wrestling James thinks he’s ever seen, so listen in to hear his enthusiastic remarks! Looks like Jabroni U turned James into a wrestling fan after all!!

On the tail end, James says goodbye and Drew and Andy takeover for talks on WWE CLASH of CHAMPIONS!! Listen to them go over what they think to expect at the next WWE Pay-Per-View.

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Jabroni U Podcast – Episode 4

On this electrifying addition to the Jabroni U library James gets to know Dean Ambrose while also being forced to get to know Brain Damage in the process. We talk about Raw and Payback, and Drew drops a news bomb on Daniel regarding 2 time Diva’s Champion Paige. We’re releasing this episode early in an attempt to bring the podcast more current for the fans. Episode 5 will be drop Monday (6/6) and after that we will record and release more instep with current WWE story lines.

Jabroni U Podcast – Episode 3

Last time on Jabroni U, James was given homework to watch the Finn Balor Documentary on the WWE Network so he could ♬Get To Know A Wrestler♬. He was also supposed to watch Royal Rumble 2016. We get into some xenophobia, some Roman Reigns, we debut Daniel’s 🎼 Get To Know A Wrestler🎹  jingle and then end abruptly to rush to a TV to watch the beginning of #Payback when Drew shows us, on his WWE App, that New Day was headed to the ring.