JU Remixed – Episode 1

We’re pumping out content here at Jabroni University!

JU Remixed is a WWE pay-per-view preview show running parallel with Jabroni University and Applied Theories in Pro-Wrestling. Why is it remixed you say? Because it includes Jabroni U veteran Drew Kistler and Jabroni U Network newcomer Andy Liner from The Draft Podcast! These two are serious about wrestling! In fact, they’re both attending WrestleMania in Orlando, FL in 3 days!!

Listen to them make their predictions and share their hopes and dreams on what’s to come!

Applied Theories in Pro-Wrestling – Episode 1 – Mount Rushmore

Jabroni U is back with a Master’s course in Markdom. A new spinoff show featuring Drew Kistler from Jabroni University and three new points of view from Jimmy J-Knox, Darrin Kistler and your host Wes Allen! This show is all about applying theoretical scientific study and good old-fashioned arguing to figure out where Pro-Wrestling is going and how it got where it is.

In this episode, the intellectuals bump their heads together to decide who’s face would adorn the Mount Rushmore of Pro-Wrestling. This think tank is about to get heated!

Who are the 4 fathers of the sport? Listen to find out! And, as always, let us know if you agree or disagree @JabroniU on Twitter.

Also, stayed tuned for more Jabroni U content coming your way!