Jabroni U – Episode 6

On this 5 electrified Finn Balor headed episode of Jabroni U we talk NXT Take Over The End of the Beginning and ask each other “WTF does that mean?”. James watched Wrestlemania 31 in full for the first time and got to know the Bulgarian Brute Rusev in all his tank driving glory!


Also… don’t forget the “Best Catchphrases of the Decade” video that’s sweeping the nation. Once again Roman Reigns is being forced on us. We made a Jobroni U sponsored version of the “Top 10” and we have a feeling it’s what the WWE wanted to make.

Watch the original WWE version here…

Now watch the response video we made…


Jabroni U – Episode 5

You’ve just hit the Jabroni Jackpot!! We listened to fan feedback and found the main complaint is there’s not enough of the number 1 best selling podcast, so we piled on a second scoop of drippingly delicious Jabroni-cream. On this, 2 HOUR, episode of Jabroni U we start talking and we don’t seem to stop, we got to know Seth Rollins, James feels bad for the North Carolinians and Drew and Daniel discuss brand extension. Welcome to Jabroni University!!

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Jabroni U Podcast – Episode 4

On this electrifying addition to the Jabroni U library James gets to know Dean Ambrose while also being forced┬áto get to know Brain Damage in the process. We talk about Raw and Payback, and Drew drops a news bomb on Daniel regarding 2 time Diva’s Champion Paige. We’re releasing this episode early in an attempt to bring the podcast more current for the fans. Episode 5 will be drop Monday (6/6) and after that we will record and release more instep with current WWE story lines.